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The scale bar at the top of the image stretches the length of Neptune's orbit around the sun.
Credit: ESO, NASA & ESA

Mysterious structures around a nearby star defy explanation

Mysterious structures around a nearby star defy explanation Using images provided by ESO’s Very Large Telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered mysterious structures, never before seen in a disk of dust around a nearby Star. The structures have left astronomers baffled. The

The Occator Crater, colour-coded to show differences in elevation, and its baffling bright spots

The mystery of Ceres’ bright spots deepens

For now, all efforts have been futile. Ceres, the dwarf planet that reigns the Asteroid Belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, remains committed in hiding from scientists the origin of the mysterious and enigmatic bright spots that glow in the center of some


Disturbing Video of UFO flotilla caught on Video

A disturbing video has caused havoc on the internet. In the footage, a flotilla of mysterious lights can be seen descending from the sky and suddenly dividing into multiple unidentified flying objects with flashing lights, floating in the air as people observed the sky in