• Ancient Aliens Artefacts

    Ancient Aliens Artefacts

    An out-of-place artifact is an object that exists in a place in which it is impossible for it to exi...

  • UFO Tech

    UFO Tech

    Learn UFO Secrets-Antigravity & Free Energy-How they work from key principles & experiments ...

  • Egyptian Statues On Mars

    Egyptian Statues On Mars

    Shaped rocks or Egyptian statues on Mars   ...

  • Alien Moon Base

    Alien Moon Base

    Governments around the world and their organizations covering up information on Extraterrestrial lif...

  • UFO or red light

    UFO or red light

    This video was capture in Italy. Red light or UFO over Milan. One of really potent videos this days....

  • UFO levitation

    UFO levitation

    This is one of the possible solutions for UFO levitation technology, called Quantum Levitation ...

  • UFO flies past the ISS

    UFO flies past the ISS

    A fast moving object appears to leave Earth’s atmosphere as it passes not far from the Interna...

  • Black Knight Satellite

    Black Knight Satellite

      Black Knight satellite spotted by the ISS? Let us know what you think! ...

  • Strange looking bell shaped UFO caught on video
  • Triangular shaped UFO at the ISS

    Triangular shaped UFO at the ISS

    A triangle shaped UFO appears to show interest in the ISS. This object spotted by one of the ISS cam...

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